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ODIN Latest Release

We are pleased to announce the release version of ODIN v1.05 with Video Synchronisation is now available.   


Video integration is the new 'headline' feature, but the release also provides several new features in other areas, as highlighted below. You can view the new features in our on-line videos you can find in the right hand bar here --->


Video Triggering, Synchronisation and Playback

There are three new features that make it possible to easily synchronise Motion Capture data with contextual video recordings:
  1. Digital Triggering for Video recording - Recordings on any cameras that have a triggering input can be controlled by ODIN via any of our active hubs, allowing synchronised video to be recorded alongside any 3D trial.
  2. Playback - ODIN can launch and control video playback using a VLC player add-on. This media player has the advantage that it will play video in a wide variety of file formats, meaning that recordings from just about any camera source (from your smart phone to a 1,000 fps high-def camera) can be controlled and played back. ODIN provides frame by frame control of its own cursor and of the video frames within VLC player. The user can step forward, step back and/or play back at any speed from 64x to 1/64x.
  3. Manual Synch - For recordings on cameras with no triggering facility, ODIN offers the ability to independently search through and freeze both the video and 3D data playback, pick a 'time-synch' moment (perhaps where the 3D data and the video both show a heel down contact event or similar), then lock the two data streams together, so that the video is locked in synchronisation with the 3D data. Further movements of the cursor or playback, drive the 3D and video data in perfect alignment. This 'locking' is remembered by the ODIN trial, so that when reloaded at a later time, ODIN will automatically load and synchronise the right video file. Up to 4 video files can be locked to the same trial in this manner.

Real Time Graphs

This release  features the ability to show real time graphs of incoming analogue data, which means, for example, that analogue EMG data input into a CodaHub can be displayed within ODIN in real time, even during the prerecording stage where data is being monitored, rather than recorded. This makes it easy for users to check and/or adjust all their data-streams before beginning a trial.

ODIN RemotePy

This release provides a way for users to trigger ODIN acquisitions (start/stop) from external Python scripts. This can be particularly helpful if you are a researcher  who requires bespoke control of acquisition start/stop but does not have the experience of working with the raw-SDK.

Improved Editing and Replication of Trial Data

This release incorporates several improved features for editing and replicating trial data, such as:
  • New trials carrying all original attribute and time-series data can be 'fabricated' incorporating edits to marker labelling etc. This allows users, for example, to correct marker misplacements in trials. The system will maintain a copy of the original trial for auditing purposes.
  • It is now possible to copy all attribute data (for example, subject names, anatomical data and any other static parameter fields) from an existing trial to any number of other selected trials. This allows the user a powerful way to bulk edit data across a large number of trials.  

Improved Force Plate Support

This release provides support for clients who wish to mix and match their force plates. Whereas previous versions prevented the user from using  digital and analogue force plates within the same setup, it is now possible to configure and synchronise data from a mixed set of inputs, and/or data from mixed models and manufacturers of force plate.  

Trial Occlusion Summary

This release automatically displays the trial occlusion summary on completion of the trial which enables the user to validate the data immediately. The automatic popup can be switched off by you at any point if required. 

Improved Pointer Landmark Error Handling

This release seamlessly handles data errors in the pointer trial without interrupting the pointer session or requiring  the user to reacquire static trials.
If you are a Codamotion customer with a maintenance contract, you should already have been sent download and installation instructions for the latest version. If you haven't, or you wish to be upgraded, please contact us.

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