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Brain Vision LLC

Brain Vision LLC is offering you full-service solutions for neurophysiological research purposes including EEG/ERP soft- & hardware, EEG and fMRI compatible equipment, stimulation devices and accessories.

3rd Party Force Plates

  • Noraxon


    Noraxon offers a full line of EMG products, from a two channel handheld unit, data analysis and acquisition software, to

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  • Kistler


    Customer-focused services such as calibration, repairs or regional product adaptations are provided by Kistler Tech Centers in Germany, the US,

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  • Arsalis


    Hardware manufacturer providing specialist equipment for motor control experiments. Expertise is in developing integrated hardware and software instruments for assessing

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  • Bertec


    An international leader in force measurement technology for biomechanics, Bertec Corporation began offering multi-component load transducers in 1987. 

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  • RSScan


    Offers professional solutions for highly accurate dynamic pressure measurements in all kind of set ups. This is done by use

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  • AMTI


    Force Platforms and amplifiers, primarily based around strain-gauge technology providing precision measurements for gait, balance, and sports applications.

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