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Motion Labs

Motion Lab Systems is a user driven company that strives to exceed all expectations. Our logo depicts a child walking out of a gait laboratory and represents the purpose for which this company was formed.

Founded in 1987, Motion Lab Systems produces the worlds largest range of high performance, multi-channel, EMG systems with FDA510(k) clearance for both clinical and research use, as well as EMG preamplifiers and other accessories for both clinical and biomechanics use. We support the C3D file standard and offer a range of advanced EMG and C3D software as well as various accessories for use in biomechanics, gait and motion laboratories worldwide.

Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

15045 Old Hammond Hwy.
Baton Rouge,
LA 70816 United States of America
Phone: 1-225-272-7364
Fax: 1-225-272-7336
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Find on Facebook: Motion Lab Systems, Inc.
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  • Active CodaHubs

    Active CodaHubs

    A central control unit from a Codamotion system with combined power and data connections for up to eight CODA sensor units.
  • MiniHub (D-type)

    MiniHub (D-type)

    A D-Type MiniHub is a passive unit which provides power and data connections for one or two CX1 units.  
  • MiniHub (F-Type)

    MiniHub (F-Type)

    A MiniHub is a passive unit which provides power and data connections for one or two CX1 or CXS units.
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Markers, Drivers, Wands, Clusters & Pointers

  • High Power Markers

    High Power Markers

    Codamotion active markers are available in two ‘types’.  This High Power option comes in a variety of lead lengths from 100 to 600mm. 
  • Standard Power Markers

    Standard Power Markers

    Codamotion active markers are available in two ‘types’. The Standard Power marker comes in a variety of lead lengths from 100 to 600mm. 
  • Clusters & Pointers

    Clusters & Pointers

    Codamotion clusters define a rigid body that gives 6-degree of freedom information when attached to, for example, limb segments.
  • Wands for Gait

    Wands for Gait

    Gait Wand Sets help to provide fast, accurate measurements of human gait, using a proven derivative of the Helen Hayes model as a basis.
  • Drive Boxes

    Drive Boxes

    Codamotion active markers can be powered by our latest quad marker drive boxes or any of the marker drive boxes in the standard range. 
  • Pelvic Frame

    Pelvic Frame

    The pelvic wand has been specially designed to track the pelvis position and orientation. 
  • Marker Extension Leads

    Marker Extension Leads

    Marker extension leads are available in many lengths to suit varying applications.
  • Acromion Marker Cluster

    Acromion Marker Cluster

    The acromion marker cluster is a 4-marker cluster especially designed to track the movement of the scapula.  
  • Mini Cluster Plate

    Mini Cluster Plate

    The mini cluster plate can be used as a rigid body with four markers to give 6 DoF data for the body (as in our cluster product range), but the plate comes without a marker drive box or markers intergrated into it, allowing users to form their own rigid bodies.
  • Wrist Plate

    Wrist Plate

    The Codamotion wrist plate allows you to attach the marker drive box to the body using straps very simply without the use of tape.
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Tripods, Cases, Mounts & Other Accessories

  • Wall Mounting Brackets

    Wall Mounting Brackets

    Our wall mounting brackets enable our clients to mount their CODA sensor units (CX1 or CXS) wherever they choose. The bracket also fixes to the heavy duty tripods for ease of movement.
  • Heavy Duty Tripod

    Heavy Duty Tripod

    The Codamotion heavy duty tripod is used with all systems to securely hold each CODA unit in place. This also allows the CODA units to be easily moved as required for the application.
  • External Strobe Unit

    External Strobe Unit

    The Codamotion External Strobe Unit is an extremely powerful additional accessory which is particularly useful to illuminate the Codamotion scanner strobe signal in large or outdoor spaces.
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3rd Party Systems

  • Force Plates/Platforms & Walkways

    Force Plates/Platforms & Walkways

    Codamotion supports and supplies a wide range of 3rd Party force plates and platforms, fixed and portable walkways (see below).  Ask us about other brands. 
  • EMG Systems

    EMG Systems

    Codamotion supports and supplies many leading EMG systems (see below).  Ask us about other brands.
  • Eye Trackers

    Eye Trackers

    Codamotion can be used with a number of eye tracking technologies.
  • Video Capture

    Video Capture

    Codamotion can integrate and be fully synchronise with most video capture systems.
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