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Integrate Video and Other Data

It's easy to synchornise or integrate video and other data streams.

Few motion capture trials can be successfully completed without data from EMG, force plates and other data sources like video cameras to give a contextual visual record of the events happening in the trial.

Codamotion systems support a wide variety of EMG, force pate and other data sources, allowing equipment from most manufacturers and analogue data from any analogue source to be recorded alongside 3D movement trails in the ODIN software suite.  You can read more about 3rd Party Integration here.

In ODIN version 1.05, we introduced video integration and synchronisation.  This operates in two ways:

1) The ability to trigger the acquisition of video in synch with a 3D motion trial (from the CodaHub) and play back both video and 3D motion data in perfect sychronisation.

2) The ability to manually set and save synchronisation settings between a video and a 3D trial even if they weren't synchronised when originally acquired.  This allows for the use of cameras which have no reliable 'trigger' to start acquisition in synch.  Video from cameras as sophisticated as 1000fps broadcast quality video cameras to as simple as a handheld iPhone can be used with this feature.

More information is available on the Latest Software Release Page.

Why ODIN Software?

  • Highest Accuracy

    Highest Accuracy

    Codamotion technology allows more accurate measurements at greater marker-to-sensor separations.

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  • Most Reliable Tracking

    Most Reliable Tracking

    The infra-red markers used in our systems leave our factory with their

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  • Shortest Set Up Time

    Shortest Set Up Time

    A single user can set up a Codamotion system in a new

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  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Codamotion systems require a minimum amount of routine management and provide more

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  • Most Portable System

    Most Portable System

    Codamotion systems can be carried by a single user and set up

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  • Integrate Video and Other Data

    Integrate Video and Other Data

    It's easy to synchornise or integrate video and other data streams.

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